Skid Sprayers

Large Skid Sprayers for Sale

Our skid sprayers are the perfect mounted sprayers for dust control, construction sites, fire protection, and watering livestock. Due to their size and heavy-duty design, our 500 and 1025 gallon elliptical skid sprayers can be easily mounted to your 1 ton or larger truck for off-road water delivery. These mounted skid sprayers come equipped with a 4-HP Honda engine and 2” Tsurumi pump, ensuring you have maximum spray volume. Our skid sprayer has an anti-siphon kit and a fully drainable tank letting you use all the water in your tank.

60 gallon skid sprayerWe carry a wide range of power sprayers with a variety of engine, pump, and hose reel option. Every skid mounted sprayer is customized to fit your specific needs. Contact our specialists today for the right skid water tank sprayer and portable water storage tanks for the job.

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Skid Steer Sprayer Features

  • Capacities: 500 and 1025 Gallons
  • Tank: Heavy Duty Polyethylene
  • Honda Engine
  • 2" Tsurumi Aluminum Pump
  • Dual Nozzle Spray Bar
  • Anti-Siphon Fill Kit
  • Galvanized Manifold
  • 20’ High Pressure Hose

Skid Steer Sprayer Benefits

  • Includes Hose and Spray Equipment
  • High Resistance Poly Tank
  • Fits in 1 Ton Truck
  • Heavy-Duty Channel Iron Frame
  • Reliable, Powerful Spray Volume
  • Easy to Transport and Store
  • Fully Drainable
  • Hose Reel Options

Arena Trailer Mounted Water Tank Technical Specifications

Capacity Engine Pump Hose Sprayer Options
500 Gallons 4 HP Honda 2” Tsurumi Aluminum Pump 20’ Suction Hose Dual Nozzle Spray Bar Fire Hose and Reel
1025 Gallons 4 HP Honda 2” Tsurumi Aluminum Pump 20’ Suction Hose Dual Nozzle Spray Bar Fire Hose and Reel

Applications and Industries for Skid Mounted Steer Sprayers

  • Remote Landscape Watering
  • Road Construction
  • Vegetation Watering
  • Livestock Spraying
  • Water Transport
  • Dust Control
  • Fire Protection
  • De-Icing

Our portable skid sprayer is constructed as an all-in-one system, allowing you to transport both water and necessary spray components to your remote site. The skid-mounted sprayer’s tough poly tank is made with heavy-duty materials and the sprayer features a 20’ Suction Hose, anti-siphon fill, and an optional hose reel. Because our sprayer skid sits on a heavy-duty 6” channel iron frame, it is the right choice for tough jobs in remote locations. Both the 500 and 1025 gallon skid steers have the option to include a fire hose kit with 50' X 1" hose and reel on a swivel base.

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If you require only portions of the tank, such as elliptical tanks, horizontal tanks or poly tanks please visit our complete variety of Portable Water Tanks.

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