Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Storage Tanks Styles and Options

Rainwater tanks are great solutions for locations dealing with water shortages or droughts, as well as keeping water costs under control. Available in a range of different sizes and models, our tanks can be used as collection tanks, irrigation water supply, and supply for home or business utilities.

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Choosing a Rainwater Storage Tank

Choosing the right rainwater tank for your location is dependent on several different factors including your water storage requirements, available space, and intended storage location. The information provided below describes some of the most commonly used rain water storage and collection tanks we have to offer.

Vertical Plastic Rainwater Tanks

poly potable water storageVertical plastic rainwater tanks are some of the most affordable and frequently used tanks on the market today. Constructed from high resistance polyethylene (plastic), each tank is naturally resistant to rust, corrosion and UV exposure. Plastic tanks have been used as home collection tanks, business collection tanks and more.

  • Available Sizes: 305 to 10,000 Gallons
  • Exterior: Dark Green or Black for Algae Resistance
  • Design: Vertical

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Flexible Rainwater Collection Tanks

rainwater bladder water storageFlexible rainwater tanks are the perfect choice for any location dealing with limited storage space or short term storage requirements. Often placed in basements, under decks or in crawl spaces, these tanks can successfully store and collect water while still remaining out of the way.

Flexible Rainwater Storage Tank Advantages

  • Low Profile
  • Easy to Ship and Install
  • Potable or Non-Potable Fabric
  • Standard Tanks Come with 2 Fittings for Fill/Discharge

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Corrugated Rainwater Collection Tanks

corrugated water storage tanksCorrugated tank rainwater collection tanks are ideal for customers looking to engage in long term collection, storage, and reuse. Offering the best of both worlds, our tanks provide a robust exterior, while still offering the flexibility of pillow tank or smaller product. To achieve this, each tank is shipped in pieces and then constructed on site. This allows tanks to be stored in outdoor locations or space-restricted indoor storage locations. Check our 5,000 gal Corrugated Water Tanks

Corrugated Rainwater Collection Tanks Features

  • Kits include Tank, Liner, and Fittings
  • Shipped and Built on Site
  • Interior Liner Rated for Drinking Water
  • Reliable Construction and Design

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Cistern Water Tank Liners

cistern tank linerAlready have a rainwater collection cistern? A great addition to any cistern water tank is potable or non-potable liner. Tank liners are sized, fabricated and shipped to your location based on the exact dimensions of your existing unit. This includes boots and fabric that can work around pipes, protrusions, and other equipment that may be in the way. See more of our Cistern Tank Liners.

Cistern Tank Liner Uses

  • Concrete Cisterns
  • Steel Cisterns
  • Leaking Cisterns
  • Underground or Above Ground Cisterns
  • Fiberglass Cisterns

We offer a wide variety of custom plastic tanks that can be customized to your specifications. You can choose from different colors, designs, and sizes to make your tank unique and perfect for you! Please feel free to visit our website here to learn more about our products and services.

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