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Emergency Drinking Water Storage

Elliptical Poly Tank

emergency drinking water storage

Emergency Drinking Water Storage Tanks are a low profile water transportation tank used around farms, nurseries and other rural areas where frequent water transport is required. Built with robust fabric materials, these elliptical poly tanks are shaped in a way that allows them to fit neatly into saddles or in the back of pickup trucks. This makes them easy to store, move and fill quickly during emergencies.

Constructed with a robust polyethylene material emergency water strorage tanks are rated to successfully store drinking water. They can also be used in non emergency situations for non potable water, fertilizers and chemical storage. If needed, poly tanks are also available with built in legs to successfully remain stable in storage.

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  • Polyethylene
  • FDA Approved for Potable Water
  • Built in Band Grooves
  • UV Stabilized
  • 10" Vented Lid
  • Specific Gravity of 1.5
  • Color Options: White or Black
  • Sizing Options


  • Fast Draining Bottom Sump
  • Low Center of Gravity for Added Balance
  • Built-in Grooves for Bands
  • UV Stabilized for Outdoor Use
  • Rated for Both Water and Chemicals

Typical Applications:

  • Emergency Supply Storage
  • Portable Water Storage
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Industrial or Facility Backup Supply
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Elliptical Tank Technical Specifications

Part Number
Sizes (W x L x H)
41252  200 40" x 66" x 30"
40327  300 48" x 70" x 36" 
40328  500 57" x 82" x 44"
40329  750  69" x 88" x 48" 
40330  1000 78" x 90" x 55" 
47111 1600 78" x 138" x 54"
 47677  2550  88" x 142" x 82"


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