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Trailer Mounted Water Tank

For Arenas, Farms, and Dust Control

trailer mounted water tank

The Arena Trailer Mounted Water Tank is a complete spray system designed to help with washing, spray jobs and cleaning requirements around arenas. Great for dirt packing, disinfecting stalls and dust control, water trailers can be a useful addition to any arena or farm.

Each arena trailer comes with a large plastic tank, trailer and necessary spray equipment including pumps, hoses, and spray bars. Standard sizing includes either a 500 or 1025 gallon tank depending on your requirements.

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  • Tank Options: 500 or 1025 gallon Poly Tank
  • 6" Channel Iron Frame
  • Honda Engine with pump
  • Included Items:
    • 2" x 20' Suction Fill Hose with Screen
    • 1 1/2" x 25' Fire Hose and Nozzle
    • Back Spray Bar


  • Multi-Purpose Trailer
  • Includes All Necessary Spray and Transportation Equipment
  • High Rated Poly Storage Tank
  • Easy to Move and Transport Liquid
  • Suppresses Dust, Waters Livestock, and Cleans out Stalls

Typical Applications:

  • Dirt Packing before Events
  • Dust Suppression
  • Stall Cleaning and Spraying
  • Disinfecting Stalls or Alleys
  • Livestock Washing or Watering


Arena Trailer Mounted Water Tank Technical Specifications

Tank 1025 gallon Leg 500 gallon Elliptical
Length 200" 148"
Height 82" 64"
Width 80" 78"
Weight 1800 lbs. 850 lbs. 
Frame 6" Channel Iron
(non DOT Trailer)
6" Channel Iron
(non DOT Trailer)
Axles Tandem Torsion Spring Single Torsion Spring
Tandem Axle Rating 1400 lbs.  5200 lbs. 
Wheels 15" x 8"
6 hole
4.62" Hole Pattern
15" x 8"
6 hole
4.62" Hole Pattern
Wheel Track 68" 67"
Brakes none none
Tires 11L-15 11L-15
Included with all 

-2" Banjo Poly Pump
  -Honda Engine
-Galvanized Spray Bar
-2" x 20' Fill Hose with Suction Screen
-1 1/2" x 25' Fire Hose and Nozzle
-Ratchet Ball Valve

Water Trailer Options:
The Trailer Mounted Tank is one of many units designed to provide safe and effective water transportation. Additional models include:

  • 500 gallon Water Trailer
  • 800 gallon Water Trailer
  • 1025 gallon Water Trailer
  • 1600 gallon Water Trailer

For more options, check out our complete Trailer Mounted Water Tank Variety.


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