Flexible Pillow Tank

FAQ: Can flexible tanks for emergency water be stored in a basement?

flexible pillow tankQuestion: Hello, I am looking for a flexible pillow tank that I can use to store potable water. I have a small space in my basement where I wish to place my tank to store water until needed in emergency conditions. I require the tank to be around 1000 gallons in size. Do you have a tank in this size and, if so, can it be placed in a location like a basement?

Answer: For storage of potable water in basements or other crawl spaces, we do offer a Flexible Pillow Tank that is equipped for the storage of drinking water. These tanks are available with an interior fabric that meets FDA and NSF 61 requirements for the safe storage of drinking water. These tanks will typically feature the following components:

  • Robust Exterior Fabric
  • Potable Water Interior Fabric
  • 2" Fittings

Depending on how long you will need to store the water in these tanks, different fabrics may be better suited than other to meet your storage requirements.

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Pillow Tank Storage

flexible pillow In terms of storage locations, pillow tanks are extremely flexible and have been stored in outdoor locations, indoor locations, and even crawl spaces. Tanks are designed with a robust exterior fabric that allows them to be stored in several areas, including in basements. When stored in basements, customers have placed the tanks in several different locations including:

  • Inside Existing Tanks
  • In Crawl Spaces
  • On the Ground
  • On the Ground with Liner

Storage with Liners

If you are concerned about storing the tanks inside your basement, one option you could consider is use of the tanks with a liner. These liners can be placed underneath the tanks to help protect the bottom of the tank. This has helped to provide additional abrasion resistance and protection when storing your tanks.

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