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Small Capacity Water Bladder Tanks

Flexible pillow tanks for water storageFlexible Water Tanks are one of the easiest ways to store potable or non-potable water around your site, business, facility or home. Starting in sizes as small as 25 gallons, these water bladder tanks have been used for drinking water storage, emergency water supply, and bulk irrigation water storage.

As their name suggests, bladder tanks are one of the most flexible water storage options for liquid around your site. Also known as pillow tanks, these water storage bladders can be constructed in standard sizes or in custom sizes based on your available storage location. Typical fabrics include those that can accommodate potable water, non-potable water and various chemicals.

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Flexible Water Bladder Tanks

Flexible water tanks are the perfect choice for water applications involving the storage and collection of water.

Flexible Drinking Water Tank Applications

  • Rainwater Collection
  • Emergency Water Storage for Hospitals, Facilities, and Businesses
  • Residential Water Storage
  • Drinking Water Storage
  • Construction Site Water Storage (drinking water or process water)
  • Water Storage for Mining or Industrial Sites

When used for rainwater collection, small bladder tanks are commonly set up to through the downspout or stored around in your location for setup and use during emergencies. Large bladder tanks have also been used for bulk water storage in residential and business applications.

water storage bladder

Drinking Water Flexible Tanks
(FDA and NSF 61 Fabrics)

flexible water tanks

Non-Potable Drinking Water Tanks

Drinking Water Tanks are designed with FDA and NSF 61 fabrics to safely contain potable water for the duration of their use. Non-Potable Water Tanks are the perfect choice for any type of water other than drinking water. Tanks are robust in nature and designed to accommodate various non potable liquids.

Flexible Tank Technical Specifications

flexible water tanksDimensions for each flexible water tanks may vary depending on the type of water you are looking to store and the type of fabric used for the tank. Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific sizing or fitting requirements.

Standard Fittings: (2) 2" bulkhead fittings with nipple and cap

Flexible Tank Technical Specifications

Filled Tank Sizing (W x L x H)
25 gallons 2' x 3' x 8"
50 gallons 3' x 4.3' x 9"
75 gallons 3.5' x 4.5' x 9"
100 gallons 4' x 5.5' x 9"
150 gallons 5' x 5' x 12"
250 gallons 7' x 5' x 14" 
275 gallons 6' x 6.6' x 16"
300 gallons 7' x 5.5' x 14"
500 gallons 7' x 9' x 16"
600 gallons 10' x 7' x 16"
700 gallons 9.5' x 8.25' x 16"
800 gallons 6' x 10' x 24"
900 gallons 6' x 11' x 24"
1,000 gallons 9' x 11' x 16"
1,500 gallons 12' x 14' x 18"
2,000 gallons 10.5' x 14.5' x 22"
2,500 gallons 12' x 14.5' x 24"
3,000 gallons 13.5' x 15' x 24"
4,000 gallons 14' x 18' x 27"
5,000 gallons 15.5' x 19.5' x 27"

If you have questions about these products, give us a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.
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In addition to the small bladder tank sizing found on this page, we also offer several additional Collapsible Bladder Tanks in sizes as large as 210,000 gallons! This includes standard sizing options such as 10,000 gallons, 20,000 gallons, 25,000 gallons and 50,000 gallon models as well as custom water storage tanks.