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Featured Products

Frame Tanks

Folding Frame Tanks are a quick-erect solution to water storage needs. These are often used for fire suppression, emergency water storage and disaster relief efforts.

Onion Tanks

Onion Tanks, also known as blivets and pumpkin tanks, are a self-rising water storage solution made from flexible materials. These tanks can be folded up for ease of storage and transportation and are often used by emergency services.

Pillow Tanks

Pillow Tanks, or bladder tanks, are a collapsible, self-rising liquid storage solution capable of storing potable and non-potable water, fuel, oil, gray water, and more!

Water Trailers

Water Trailers are a portable storage solution for liquid storage. These are self-contained trailers equipped with a storage tank, pump, and numerous spray attachments for a variety of industry and commercial applications.

Core Values

At Water Storage Containers we:

  • Are on time

  • Focus on the solution

  • Have a strong work ethic

  • Are coachable

  • Give our complete effort

  • Are ever-learning

  • Are passionate about what we do

  • Over-deliver

  • Bring good energy to our team

  • Care about what we do
  • Water Storage Container - Products and Solutions that work

    Our Mission: "We innovate, drive growth and succeed by providing the right solution at the right time."

    Our Vision: "To be the go-to global company sought out by diverse industries for our dedication, experience and performance on behalf of our clients by providing solutions, products and services that work."

    The Power of Solutions

    When we first started, our primary focus was providing our customers the right solutions for completing their projects. As we developed strong industry partnerships, and provided valuable products and services to the mining, fracking, construction, agriculture, military, oil and gas industries, we gained a reputation for putting the problem ahead of the product. We soon outgrew our initial markets and expanded to include solutions for the range of experience we gained. Water Storage Containers is the combination of those companies. We are now able to focus and use our 15 years of industry experience to come up with the right solutions to contribute to your successful project. We care about your successes, and using our skillsets and experience to contribute to your efficiencies, cost effectiveness and compliance, is win-win.

    Water Storage Containers will take design, location, lead times, site conditions and requirements of the job into consideration when working with you. We understand that each project is unique. Rather than try to force your project settings to fit a specific product, we would rather work with consultants and manufacturers around the globe to provide you with products that match your needs.

    Our Promise to You

    We are here to support you throughout the process, from initial inquiry to delivery and follow up. Our service does not stop after a purchase order, but extends until the project is complete. We hope you will find us to be a value-added partner in your business. When a standard size won't work in your location, we make a better fit. When you're unsure of which product will work best for your application, we listen and work with you to find the best option. More importantly, we look forward to being your go-to resource for multiple solutions across diverse applications. We greatly value our partnerships!