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500 Gallon Water Trailer

Express 500 Gallon Water Tank Trailer

If you're in search of a convenient method of water hauling for your job site, farm, residence, or other remote location, the Express 500 Gallon Water Trailer is your answer. With a 4 HP Honda gasoline engine and 2-inch aluminum pump, you have access to water for any task.

500 gallon water trailerWhy a 500 Gallon Water Trailer?

For those in need of a smaller trailer for water transport to remote locations, the size of the Express 500 Gallon Water Trailer allows for easy maneuverability and is lighter for your truck or farm equipment to haul. This makes the trailer ideal for applications such as:

  • Dust Control
  • Agriculture Use
  • Packing a Site for the Foundation
  • Supplying Water to Lubricate Concrete Saws
  • Watering Vegitation
  • Grass Fire Suppression

The 2-inch, height-adjustable ball hitch makes attaching or detaching your truck and trailer a simple task.

Carry Water Wherever You Need

The Express 500 Gallon Water Trailer smoothly brakes with your truck and allows for driving on a variety of surfaces with its tandem surge brakes and diamond-tread fenders. DOT-compliant LED lights mean you can take it on public roads as needed. Specifically designed for rigorous outdoor use, such as water transport at construction sites, this 500 gallon water trailer comes equipped with a spray bar and 25-foot fire hose, making it applicable for many outdoor watering needs.

500 water trailer with sprayer hoseThe Tsurumi aluminum pump is supported by a Honda engine which provides superior performance, allowing it to run faster and smoother than alternatives. Water levels can be seen in the tank through its white exterior, making it easier to manage water levels during filling and usage.


  • Tandem Surge Brakes
  • Diamond Tread Fenders
  • LED Lights (DOT Approved)
  • 8' to 25' Adjustable Width Swath Spray Bar with Flood Nozzles
  • 2" x 4 HP Tsurumi Aluminum Pump with Honda Engine
  • 140 GPM with Galvanized Fittings
  • Inlet and Outlet Manifold Kit


For additional information, see: 500 Gallon Water Trailer Specifications (pdf).

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Filling Your 500 Gallon Poly Water Tank with Ease

The Express 500 Gallon Water Trailer features a 2-inch anti-siphon fill hose equipped with aluminum quick couplers and adapters allowing you to easily fill the tank from a variety of sources, such as hydrants, ponds, or water pits. The included anti-siphon kit ensures that the tank fills without water back flowing into the municipal supply.

Express Water Trailers for hauling water wherever you goEasy and convenient ways to fill your tank:

  • Through the Anti-Siphon Fill Tube
  • Drawing Water Through the Pump


Express Water Trailers are also available in these other sizes:

If you find that your project requires customized options for your water hauling trailer, consider the Argo Water Trailer, by GEI Works.

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