Food Grade Portable Water Tanks

Water Bags - 1 to 20 Gallons

food grade water tankQuestion: Hi. I am looking for an NSF Food Grade Water Tank that I can used for my mobile food establishment. I am looking for a capacity of about 20 gallons and I will be storing potable water so it needs to be NSF rated. What are my options?

Answer: Good morning! Thank you for your inquiry! For the type of storage you mentioned, a great option might be our Potable Water Storage Bags. These collapsible bags are made with NSF 61 and FDA approval, making them safe for storing drinking water.

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To accommodate your mobile business, these water containers are designed to be easy to move and store. The first way they achieve this is through their built-in handle design. This handle allows you to carry the bag with you or place it on a cart for transport. In addition, this drinking water storage bag has also been tested to ensure that it holds up during normal wear and tear. This provides you with the confidence necessary to take this bag with you during your business needs.

As an added bonus, these bags are designed as a collapsible unit. This means that when the bag is not in use, it can easily be folded up. This helps save you space and removes the need for carrying a bulky tank with you at all times. For instance, this could allow you to keep the tank folded up in your business so it can be quickly implemented when its needed.

Sizes for this bag vary from one (1) gallon to twenty (20) gallons. While the size you requested (20 gallons) is sold as a stand alone unit, many of our smaller sizes do have required minimum orders. For larger size collapsible tanks, you can also check out our Water Storage Bladders Selection Page.

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If you have questions about products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.