Water Storage Bag

Portable Water Tanks

The Water Storage Bag is economical solution for any site looking to store and transport water. Designed for ease of use, these bags can be quickly filled and carried to the next site, area or emergency location. Storage bags have been frequently used for water supply in homes, military operations, and emergency relief efforts.

Bags are available in two different design styles: Built-in Handles or Built-in Grommets. Built-in handles (shown right) allow customers to carry the bag via hand to and from a location. By contrast, grommets allow customers to weave a rope through grommets for easy carrying by shoulder. Both models feature a standard storage capacity of 5 gallons (minimum order of 10) and are available in either potable or non potable fabric options.

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  • Fabric Options: Potable or Non-Potable Fabrics
  • Carrying Options: Built-In Handle or Built-In Grommets
  • Typical Fitting: 3/4" Bulkhead


  • Options Available for Potable Water Storage
  • Easy to Transport
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Fits Under Seats and in Trunks
  • Economical Water Storage
  • Offers Quick Use During Emergencies

Typical Applications:

  • Water Bags for Emergency Storage Situations
  • Relief Efforts
  • Backup Water Supply in Homes, Businesses, and Facilities
  • Portable Drinking Water
  • Military Applications
  • Ballast or Weight Testing Applications
  • Fresh Water for Camping Trips and Remote Locations

Water Storage Bag Technical Specifications

5 gallons
Built-In Handles or Built-In Grommets
Potable (NSF 61) or Non-Potable Fabrics
Typical Fitting
3/4" Bulkhead

*Minimum Order of 10 Bags

*Can be Made to Multiple Sizes to Suit your Needs

Looking for larger capacity water storage?

Due to the weight these water storage bags when full, each portable water bag is typically designed with a 5 gallon storage capacity that allows each unit to be easily transported. For larger storage, customers frequently choose the Water Storage Bladder. These tanks can be built in any size up to 210,000 gallons and feature the same flexible material for safe water storage.

If you have questions about products, give us a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.