Folding Frame Tanks

Frame Tanks are Reusable and Fold-Flat for Storage

folding frame tanks for temporary water storageFolding Frame Tanks are part of our collapsible tank variety designed to store and contain liquids around your location. Often used as an emergency water storage option, these frame tanks are designed to fold into themselves for easy transportation to and from a location.

Designed for a range of applications and storage requirements, these tanks are typically made in 500 to 5,000 gallon sizes, giving you ample storage space for your liquids. This makes the folding frame tanks perfect for use in rural fire fighting jobs, aquafarming, and more.

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Folding Frame Tank Details

Folding frame tanks offer you extremely durable water storage that can be quickly setup and taken down in times of need. Having folding frame tanks is especially helpful during fire fighting efforts. Folding frame tanks come with a rigid outer frame and a flexible inner liner that is made with different fabrics, depending on your application needs.

The Single Lane Tank Max is the only portable tank available that gives you the maximum capacity of a folding frame tank with an extra storage bladder. See the specifications for dimensions and volume. However, custom configurations are also a possibility.

Folding Frame Tank Specifications

Single Lane Tank Type I

Volume US gal Open Dimensions ft (L x W x H) Closed Dimensions ft (L x W x H)
2000 14'x8'x29" 14'x8"x29"
2500 16'x9'x29" 16'x8″x29"
3000 16'x10'x29" 16'x8″x29"

Single Lane Tank Type II

Volume US gal Open Dimensions ft (L x W x H) Closed Dimensions ft (L x W x H)
2000 19'x7'9"x29" 11'x8"x29"
2500 22'x8'x29" 14'x8″x29"
3000 23'x9'x29" 14'x8″x29"

Single Lane Tank Max

Volume US gal Open Dimensions w/o bladder ft (L x W x H) Open Dimensions ft (L x W x H) Closed Dimensions ft (L x W x H)
1000/2500 8'3"x8'3"x29" 8'3"x22'3"x29" 8'3"x10"x29"
1500/3500 10'3"x10'3"x29" 10'3"x24'8"x29" 10'3"x10"x29"
2100/5000 11'3"x11'3"x29" 11'3"x26'3"x29" 11'3"x10"x29"

Features and Model Options

Frame Tanks fold up for convenient storage and transportationThis collapsible frame tank is designed to provide you with both flexibility and sturdy, reliable support. To achieve this goal, tanks typically feature a steel or aluminum frame that can be quickly unfolded and deployed to create your water storage. In addition, in tank is then designed with either single or double folding frames for use in your location. The outer frame is made from welded aluminum or steel. The inner liner comes in 22 oz High Performance Rubber (HPR), 22 oz. Vinyl (red, yellow, orange black, or blue), or 28 oz. Vinyl (red, yellow, orange, black, or blue). You can also order 22 oz. sides with 28 oz. floor. The complete SLT (Single Lane Tank) system includes:

  • 2-8'x14'x29" tanks (Other rectangular sizes available soon)
  • Mounting plate with 1 – female swivel and flange for the outside and 1-male flange for the inside of the tank.
  • Size 4" – 6" (The plate helps to stabilize your flange.)
  • Standard 6" al mag casting 90° elbow or optional 6" tubing 90° elbow. (Call for pricing)
  • Flex-Lite Hose 4" – 6"
  • Low Flow Strainer 4"– 6"
  • Through the wall drafting accessories also sold separately to retro fix your existing tank.

Frame Tank Benefits and Applications

Frame tank by Water Storage ContainersSince the frame tank offers a light weight design with a reliable structure, customers have found many benefits to its use including:

  • Light in Weight with Folding Ability: This had made transportation and setup fast and easy.
  • Open Top: Provides easy top access for filling tanks with liquid or other materials.
  • Fittings Available: Each folding collapsible tank can be additionally equipped with any desired fittings including aluminum, polypropylene, camlock and storz. These fittings have allowed them function in multiple locations.

Folding Frame tanks can be used in a variety of applications. Using them for emergency water supply in rural locations is just one of the many applications. Other uses include fishing farming, aquaculture, aquaponics, fire fighting, potable water supply, and others.

For more information on these tanks, including sizing, dimensions and storage options, please check out our Folding Frame Tanks Page.

If you have questions about products, give us a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.