Cistern Tank Liner

Custom Cistern Liners to Fix a Leaking Cistern

cistern linerA Cistern Tank Liner is a cost-effective solution for leaking cisterns or water storage tanks. These made-to-order tank liners are sized to the exact dimensions and specifications of your existing cistern tank and fit securely along the interior to hold liquids and to prevent any further leaks.

The typical fabric used for the cistern tank liner is a PVC or Elvaloy material. Depending on your requirements, fabrics can be used to successfully store either potable or non-potable water.

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Cistern Liner Requirements

Your cistern requirements can be helpful in determining the best cistern liner size and fabric for your needs. For faster quotes, provide our team with the following information:

  • Dimensions of the Tank
  • Location of the Tank: Above Ground or Below Ground?
  • Type of Liquid Being Stored in the Tank
  • Size of the Access Area

Need help determining the size of your existing cistern tank? We can help. See our comprehensive page on Cistern Liners for more information.

Cistern Tank Liner Features

  • Built to your Storage Requirements
  • Fabric Options: PVC, XR-5, Elvaloy, or Similar Fabrics
  • Fabric Options for Drinking Water: FDA and NSF 61
  • Adjusted for Fittings or Pipes
  • Available for All Cistern Types (steel, plastic, concrete)

Cistern Tank Liner Benefits

cistern tank liner

  • Economical Solution for Leaking Tanks
  • Custom Fit to Match Existing Units
  • Easy to Install and Implement
  • Fabric Designed to Match Specific Liquids Being Stored
  • Low Shipping Costs
  • High Strength/Long Lasting Materials

Where Can Cistern Tank Liners Be Used?

  • Existing Leaking Cisterns
  • Underground Cisterns
  • Old Concrete Cisterns
  • Basement Rainwater Cisterns
  • Steel Cisterns
  • Cisterns in Remote or Rural Areas
  • Well Backup Tanks

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Intended Use or Liquid

Multiple Fabric Options Available including FDA and NSF 61 approved materials (includes Elvaloy, PVCs and Urethanes)
Existing Cistern Information

Size of the Cistern (dimensions)
Shape of the Cistern
Cistern Fabric (concrete, steel, etc.)

Fittings or Hardware

Any restrictions or fittings that need to be worked around when designing the liner?

Tank Liners: Due to the wide range of available fabrics for these cistern tank liners, several customers have also used these fabrics for the lining of standard tanks including frac storage tanks, potable water tanks, and chemical storage tanks.

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