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Elliptical Tank Sprayers (200, 300, 500 Gallons)

Elliptical Tank Skid Sprayer for SaleElliptical Tank Skid Sprayers are low-profile spraying and watering solutions that come in capacity sizes of 200, 300, and 500 gallons. These skid mounted sprayers can be easily mounted in the back of pickup trucks, utility trucks, and other vehicles to accomplish different applications. Elliptical tanks are known for their low center of gravity. These skid mounted sprayers are made in the USA and ship from various locations in the nation, getting to you at a lower cost, faster. Made with heavy duty materials, these skid sprayers are also customizable to fit your exact application needs.

Elliptical Tank Skid Sprayers can be easily placed in the back of UTVs, ATVs, and pickup trucks to be used around your jobsite and farms or fields. Our skid sprayers for sale are fully customizable with accessories and options including: engines, pumps, hose and hose reels, spray booms, spray bars, an assortment of spray nozzles, and other accessories. Interested in more information about the skid sprayer for sale? Contact Us or Call Us at 1-863-261-8388.

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Elliptical Tank Skid Sprayers Details

Skid Sprayer Elliptical TankThese elliptical water tank sprayers can be easily and conveniently placed in the back of utility trailers, pickup trucks, and other vehicles. These skid sprayers come in capacity sizes of 200, 300, and 500 gallons. Each elliptical tank skid comes with different pump and engine options. The pump options are 5.5 HP Briggs (Honda is also an option) with 8-roller cast iron pump and 22" Pro Series handgun Sprayer. The other pump option is the 5.5 HP Honda with 9910-D403GRGI Diaphragm Pump and 22" Series Handgun. Built on a welded, powder-coated steel frame, the poly tank can be mounted directly in a pickup truck or a utility trailer bed. We carry a variety of options for your elliptical skid mounted sprayer. These options include boom sprayer assembly options, boomless sprayer options, hose reel kit options, plumbing kit options, hose reel nozzle options, and more.

Skid Mounted Sprayer Features

  • 200, 300, 500 Gallon Elliptical Poly Tank
  • Heavy Duty, Welded Frame
  • Honda and Briggs Pump Options
  • Hose Reel Kit Options

Skid Mounted Sprayer Benefits

  • Made in the USA, Ship from Various Locations
  • Customizable to Fit Your Needs
  • Heavy Duty, Durable Construction
  • Versatile for Use with Applications

Elliptical Tank Skid Sprayer Specifications

Product Number: 5276244 * LS-EL-200-KIT 200 Gallon Elliptical Tank & Skid Dimensions: 96" long X 41" Wide X 36" Tall 5.5HP Briggs w/8-Roller Cast Iron Pump & 22" Pro Series Handgun
Product Number: 5276245 * LS-EL-300-KIT 300 Gallon Elliptical Tank & Skid Dimensions: 96" Long X 49" Wide X 40" Tall 5.5HP Honda w/8-Roller Cast Iron Pump & 22" Pro Series Handgun
Product Number: 5276246 * LS-EL-500-KIT 500 Gallon Elliptical Tank & Skid Dimensions: 112" Long X 60" Wide X 49" Tall 5.5HP Honda w/9910-D403GRGI Diaphragm Pump & 22" Pro Series Handgun
Hose & Reel Options 300' Manual Hose Reel & Stand (Less Hose) Spool Kit For 300' Hose Reel 300' - 1/2" PVC 600# PSI Hose Assembly

For more information and detailed specifications on all our skid sprayers, see the Small Sprayers and Accessories (PDF).

Skid Mounted Sprayer Applications and Accessories

Skid Sprayer Tank ApplicationsThe elliptical water tank skid sprayer can be used in a variety of applications like lawn and garden watering, tree watering, livestock watering, grass spraying, fence spraying, and much more. With the custom options and accessories available with these elliptical skid sprayers, you can be sure that will find a fit for your application needs.

You might be asking—What accessories do you carry for your elliptical skid sprayers? Well, we carry a variety of boom options, handgun sprayers, and 12-volt spray accessories. Our lawn and garden boom options include various nozzle boom products. The 2-nozzle boom has a spray coverage of 80", the 5-nozzle folding boom has a spray coverage of 100", the 7-nozzle folding boom has a spray coverage of 140", and the 3-nozzle boomless sprayer has a sprayer coverage of 30'. Booms are sold separately from the low profile skid sprayers.

For more information on the Elliptical Skid Sprayers, Contact Us or Call Us at 1-863-261-8388.

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