15 and 20-inch Surface Cleaners

Universal Pressure Washer Attachment

15 inch and 20 inch surface cleanerOur 15 and 20-inch surface cleaner options offer the best of both worlds. Whether you need cold- or hot-water capability, high pressure or economy, we have the universal pressure washer attachment to help you achieve sparkling, professional, streak-free results – in ½ the time!

Clean all flat, walkable surfaces – from concrete pool surrounds to patios, arena floors to greasy workshop walkways with either our 20-inch surface cleaner or 15-inch surface cleaner attachment. Both surface cleaner universal pressure washer attachments feature dual rotating high-pressure jets to power away ground-in dirt and grime 2-3 times faster than with a regular spray gun pressure washer attachment. Best of all, the rigid bristles surrounding the decks of these universal pressure washer attachments limit the water spray to the area you want to clean. This helps keep you and surrounding surfaces dry rather than doused by the overspray from a regular pressure washer wand. Quick-connect fittings enable you to easily get these industrial surface cleaners attached to your pressure washer and working to defeat dirt and dinge on smooth flooring surfaces from tile to terrazzo and everything in between.

If you have questions about our 15- and 20-inch surface cleaners, give us a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.

15- and 20-inch Surface Cleaner Features and Benefits

20 inch surface cleaner
  • Universal design with ¼" or 3/8" quick-connect fittings to easily work with most gas pressure washers.
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel deck & shroud resist corrosion.
  • Rigid bristles contain water to area being cleaned, keeping other surfaces (and operator) dry.
  • Dual, rotating high-pressure stainless steel nozzles provide powerful, streak-free cleaning.
  • Concentrated cleaning area and wide circumference helps you see shining results in ½ the time of wand cleaning alone – without the overspray.

15- and 20-inch Surface Cleaner Details

20 inch surface cleanerNeed an industrial pressure washer surface cleaner attachment with a large circumference that can handle high-PSI and offers both hot-and cold-water cleaning capability? Our 20-inch surface cleaner model is ideal for you. For the 20-inch, Max 4500 PSI surface cleaner, we recommend our 4000 PSI Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer to give you both hot- and cold-water cleaning capability and maximum flexibility.

Seeking the most economical option to pair with a lower PSI pressure washer, yet still take your cold-water pressure washing to a whole new level of efficiency and professionalism? Then our 15" model is the one for you. Like the 20" model, this one is also a universal model and will fit most pressure washers on the market. If you're also looking for a new pressure washer, we recommend the 3200 PSI Cold-Water Pressure Washer Trailer for an effective, economical, yet professional pressure washing package to match the capabilities of this Max 2600 PSI surface cleaner attachment.

20-inch Surface Cleaner Specs

PSI 4500
Max. Water Flow Rate (GPM) 8.0 GPM
Max Water Temperature 212 degrees Fahrenheit – works with Hot or Cold Water
Deck 20' powder-coated steel shroud with stainless steel nozzles resists corrosion
Hose 3/8" Quick Connect fittings with stainless steel and brass components
Gun One-piece design balances spray bar with rotating jets for quick, streak-free cleaning
Nozzles Stainless steel
Frame Lightweight ergonomic handle decreases operator fatigue; 2-pin release from deck makes for easy cleaning and storage
Assembled Weight 33.0 pounds
Assembled Product Dimensions (L X W X H) 36.61 x 20.47 x 12.59 Inches

15-inch Surface Cleaner Attachment Specs

PSI Max 3600
Max. Water Flow Rate (GPM) 3.0 GPM
Max Water Temperature 140 degrees Fahrenheit
Deck 15'' powder-coated steel shroud with stainless steel nozzles resists corrosion
Gun Wand NOT included; ¼" Quick-Connect fitting easily attaches to wands of most lower-PSI gas pressure washers
Nozzles Stainless steel. COLD WATER USE ONLY
Frame Wand NOT included. Your sprayer wand hooks into top of deck via ¼" Quick-Connect fitting to form the pole and trigger handle of this surface scrubbing powerhouse.
Weight 4.5 pounds

15- and 20-inch Surface Cleaner Applications

20 inch surface cleanerOur industrial surface cleaner options can make any smooth, walkable surface sparkle like new! These universal pressure washer attachments will make quick cleaning work of ground-in grime, slime, dirt and dinge of a kinds on:

  • Arena rings
  • Shop floors
  • Parking garages
  • Patio
  • Concrete pool surrounds
  • Dance Floors
  • Decks
  • Tile flooring
  • Terrazzo flooring
  • Concrete barn floors
  • Sidewalks
  • Industrial plant walkways
  • Marble flooring

If you have questions about a our pressure washer trailers, give us a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.

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