Express Trailer Sprayer For Sale

Dust Suppression with a Pull Behind Trailer Sprayer

Express Trailer SprayerThe Express trailer sprayer features everything for spraying applications in a compact, easily maneuverable trailer. Featuring four tank sizes ranging from 500 gallons to 1,600 gallons, the white exterior is translucent enough to see water levels. The rear spray bar allows for the application of liquids via the Tsurumi aluminum pump which is supported by a Honda engine. DOT compliant features allow for transportation of the water trailer on public roadways.

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An All-Inclusive Water Sprayer Trailer

pull behind trailer sprayerThe trailer sprayer allows for the treatment of various surfaces with water or fertilizer, all in one compact, easily transported trailer. The tank, which features a choice of 500 gallons, 800 gallons, 1,000 gallons, and 1,600 gallons, is supported by a 2" Tsurumi aluminum pump with a 4 HP Honda engine for superior performance.

Water Trailer Sprayer Features

If the need for transportation on public roadways arises, this spray trailer features DOT-compliant trailer package including:

  • Tandem Surge Brakes (500 Gallon, 800 Gallon, and 1000 Gallon)
  • Electric Brakes (1600 Gallon)
  • LED Lights (DOT Compliant)
  • 8' to 25' Adjustable Width Swath Spray Bar with Flood Nozzles
  • 2"x4 HP Tsurumi Aluminum Pump with Honda Engine
  • 25' Fire Hose

A Trailer Sprayer for Any Purpose

water trailer sprayer with fire hoseThe trailer sprayer is perfect for spraying a variety of applications. The rear spray bar allows for the watering or fertilizing of landscaping, crops, or other needs while the trailer is in motion. Additionally, the 25-foot fire hose included allows for targeted application, such as fire suppression, washing livestock, or reaching areas the trailer can't get to.

water sprayer trailer barThe spray bar is adjustable from 8 feet to 25 feet and includes spray nozzles, allowing quicker and easier spraying. For dust suppression or dirt packing at construction sites, on streets, or in parking lots, spraying water from the adjustable spray bar will allow for a quick and efficient application.

Ways to Use the Trailer Sprayer

  • Landscape Spraying
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Dust Suppression
  • Dirt Packing

Filling and Draining the Trailer Sprayer Tank

filling the trailer sprayerThis water sprayer trailer features a 2" anti-siphon fill tube which allows for easy filling. The tank can be filled from any pond or water pit by using the suction hose and the sump bottom ensure quick and easy drainage to empty the tank. Water levels are visible through the tank's white exterior to alert when refilling is needed.

2 Ways to Fill Your Tank

  • Through 2" Anti-Siphon Fill Tube
  • Through 2"x4 HP Tsurumi Aluminum Pump

The Express Trailer Sprayer is available with a 500 gallon, 800 gallon, 1,000 gallon, or 1,600 gallon tank.

spray trailer
500 Gallon Express
Water Sprayer Trailer
Express water sprayer
800 Gallon Express
Water Sprayer Trailer
1000 gallon trailer sprayer
1000 Gallon Express
Water Sprayer Trailer
1600 gallon pull behind trailer
1600 Gallon Express
Water Sprayer Trailer

Visit our Express Water Trailer page to see available DOT-compliant water trailers. For more options to fit specific needs, the Water Trailer by Water Storage Containers offers an assortment of customizable options.

If you have questions about our trailer sprayer variety, give us a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.