Protective Liner for Tanks

Protect your Flexible Tank from Abrasion

protective linerProtective liners for tanks are a great addition to any steel, fiberglass, plastic or flexible tank. Constructed to fit your dimensions, these tank liners serve as an added layer of protection between the tank and ground. This helps to extend the life span of your water storage tank while preventing unwanted liquids from reaching the ground.

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Similar to ground liners or containment berms the protective ground cloth is made from a range of materials to accommodate the liquid being stored in the tank. Standard options include vinyl or PVC; however, additional fabrics are also available for certain applications. While the ground cloth is most commonly used with Water Bladders, they can also be used with steel tanks, fiberglass tanks or plastic storage units.

Protective Liner Features

  • Vinyl or PVC Liner Fabric
  • Sized to Meet Any Storage Requirements
  • Additional Fabrics Available Upon Request

Protective Liner Benefits

  • Protects the Bottom of the Tank from Abrasion
  • Creates a Smooth Area for Storing Tanks
  • Increases the Overall Lifespan of Tanks
  • Catches Minor Leaks and Spills

Ground Cloth/Liner Uses

  • Under Water Storage Bladders
  • Along Embankments
  • Under Bulk Storage Tanks
  • Under Berms

Common Ground Cloth Sizes

Material Standard Sizes
22 oz. PVC 10' x 10'
22 oz. PVC 10' x 23'
22 oz. PVC 6' x 12'
22 oz. PVC 12' x 50'
22 oz. PVC 12' x 60'
22 oz. PVC 15' x 15'

Sizing a Flexible Protective Liner

While the sizing above features our most commonly requested options, we are able to provide a protective liner in almost any size required. Please do not hesitate to contact us with the exact specifications for your tank.

How Do I Know What Size Liner to Get?

To size a liner you will first need a footprint for your tank. We typically recommend that the liner extends an extra 2-3 ft. around each side of the tank. This will give you enough space to completely protect the area surrounding your tank.

If you have questions about products, give us a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.