DIY Water Tower

5,000 Gallon Tank Kit

steel water tankBuild your own DIY water tower with our 5,000 gallon corrugated water tank kit. Whether you’re building this water tower for home or other use, our tanks are durable, reliable and come with a 20 year “Leak Free” warranty. The 5,000 gallon tank arrives ready to assemble and with a complete set of instructions. *Tower not included

This DIY water tank’s steel panels are coated with the heaviest duty galvanized coating available on the market, providing you the best and longest lasting protection on the market today. The liner is potable (drinking) water storage approved (NSF/ANSI 61) for safe water storage.

Put 30+ years of making quality corrugated water tanks to work for you!
Note: We provide the tank you need for your DIY water tower. The water tower itself will need to be purchased and installed separately.

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Diameter 130"
Shell Height 87"
Overall Height 90"
Gross Capacity 5,000 US Gallons
Tank Shell G145 Galvanized Corrugated Steel Panels, Mechanically Galvanized High Tensile Fasteners
Roof Structure Welded HSS Support Frame with Hot Dipped, Galvanized Coating, Corrugated Steel Cover Sheeting
Tank Liner NSF 61 Certified for Potable Water Use, 20 mil Polyethylene Geomembrane, 700% Elongation at break ASTM D638, 2,000 min HPOIT ASTM D5885
Cushion Layer Needle-free Non-Woven Polyester Geotextile Underlay
Inlet Fitting 16” Leaf Basket in Roof with UV Guard
Outlet Fitting 2” Bulkhead with NI Coated Ball Valve, 2’ NPT Threaded Connection"
Overflow Fitting 6” ASA Overflow with Internal Vertical Orifice and PVC Overflow Pipework to Ground with Flap Valve and Mosquito Screening
Miscellaneous Foam Roof Seal for Dust and Vermin Protection, Decorative Steel Fascia"
Accessories 20” Lockable Roof Access Hatch, Light Duty Removable Galvanized Steel Ladder
Fitting Options: Fire Protection (NFPA-22), Rain Harvesting, Well Water Storage

DIY Water Tower Tank Features

    steel water tank
  • G145 Galvanized Coated Corrugated Steel Panels
  • Food/Potable Water Storage Liner, NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Roof Structure & Corrugated Dome Roof
  • 2” Outlet with Nickel Coated Metal Ball Valve
  • 2” Drain with Nickel Coated Metal Ball Valve
  • 6” Overflow with Mosquito Screen and Flap Valve
  • Inlet Basket with UV Guard
  • Geomat Cushion Layer Tank Liner Protection
  • Tank Wall Moisture Barrier
  • Foam Roof Seal for Dust and Vermin Protection
  • Lockable Access Hatch with Removable Ladder

Configuration Options:

  • NFPA-”Fire Suppression”
  • Well Storage
  • Rain Harvesting

DIY Water Tower Tank Benefits

    steel water tank
  • Durable, strong, reliable, and safe
  • 20 year “Leak Free” Pro-Rata Warranty leads the industry
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Fitted geotextile tank liner underlay to protect against liner damage for the life of the tank
  • Moisture barrier for extra protection and to prevent base erosion
  • Hinged lockable roof and access hatch provides secure access
  • Inlet light guard prevents sunlight from entering the tank, prevents algae growth
  • Optional trained and qualified staff for installation

*Unlike other manufacturers that cut costs by offering lower grades of metal for tank panels, we use galvanized steel to ensure a long tank life.

Drawing of a Five thousand gallon corrugated tank

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Tank - Roof

See all our additional information to help you with your tank specifications, installation and egineering options, and tank drawings:



DIY Water Storage Tank Applications

steel water tankDesigned for cost-efficient water storage, One Clarion water storage tanks set the standard for long-lasting quality-made water tanks. They can be transported inexpensively anywhere in the world and assembled in a day in most cases by trained installers. Appropriate for municipal, agricultural and industrial projects. Use them also for innovative home projects such as a DIY water towers, DIY water tanks, or DIY cisterns.*Tower not included

Ask us about components to make using your DIY water tank even more efficient and hassle free for rainwater collection, well water storage, or fire suppression!

DIY Water Tanks are used for a variety of projects with a wide range of applications:

    steel water tank
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Fire Water Storage
  • Irrigation Water Storage
  • Agriculture
  • Drinking Water Storage
  • Process Water Storage
  • Bulk materials and dry goods
  • Frac Storage Tanks


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*Corrugated tanks are made for locations that have little to no snow load, but will withstand significant seismic and wind activity. If a water tank that can handle snow load is needed, we have those too. See: Corrugated Water Tanks or Just ask us for help!

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