500 Gallon Rain Water Storage Tank

FAQ: Can a collapsible tank be connected to a downspout?

rain water storage tankQuestion: Hello. I need a 500 gallon rain water storage tank, but I want to know more specifically about the collapsible tanks. In particular, can you connect it to a downspout or any kind of pipes? How well equipped is it to handle rain water?

Answer: A Collapsible Tank is an excellent choice for rain water storage due to its flexible exterior, durable fabric, and multiple construction options. Customers have frequently chosen this tank as an economical alternative for low level or under deck storage. These tanks can be stored in several tight spots including:

  • Under Front Porches or Decks
  • Basements
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Outdoor Storage Areas
  • Industrial Spacing


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Connection to Downspouts and/or Piping:

water storage bladderCollapsible rain water tanks are designed for flexible storage options and have been successfully used with several fittings and hookup connections. Some of the most common fittings found on tanks will include:

  • Ball Valves
  • Cam lock, Storz or Threaded Adapters
  • Pressure Relief Vents
  • Typical Fitting Sizing: 3/4" through 2"

Collapsible tanks have frequently been connected to downspouts through the use of a inlet setup system. This will allow you to collect rainwater directly from the roof or gutters of your home or building.

Since most rainwater will usually initial catch several amounts of debris or leaves, filters are commonly used to help separate these items from your water storage. This can help prevent these items from entering your 500 gallon rain water storage tank.

Collapsible Tank Advantages:

Using a collapsible tank for rainwater storage will offer several advantages in terms of storage capacity, location and uses. Some common advantages customers have found when using this type of tank includes the following:

  • Easy Installation: Does not include rigid walls or a set structure for installation.

  • Economical: Lower shipping costs due to its flexible structure and its ability to be folded up or rolled up when its transported.

  • Low Profile: This allows the tank to be stored in unique locations such as under a deck or in a basement.

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If you have questions about products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.