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1000 gallon Water
Bladder Tank

water storage bladder
Flexible Water Bladder Tank

When looking for drinking water storage, many customers are looking for a 1000 gallon water bladder tank and see the flexible bladder tank as a good option. This tank can be successfully used to store 1000 gallons of water for use during rainwater collection, drinking water storage, gray water storage and more. The flexible tank design is economical, flexible and can be quickly folded up to more in your installation area.

This 1000 gallon water tank is one of our standard sizes and is often used as part of a rainwater collection system, water storage area or other site or facility storage location.

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  • NSF 61 and FDA Approved Fabrics for Drinking Water
  • Flexible Fabric Material
  • Foldable
  • Low Profile
  • Standard Fittings: 2" Fitting
  • Reliable Fabric Options


  • Easy to Transport and Deploy
  • Flexible Exterior for Folded or Rolling Up
  • Several Fitting Options Available
  • Multiple Fabrics Depending on your Requirements
  • Approved for Drinking Water, if Needed

Flexible Water Tank Applications

  • Drinking Water Storage
  • Rainwater Collection & Storage
  • Gray Water Storage
  • Construction Site Water Storage
  • Production Water Storage
  • Process Liquid
  • Spray Water Applications

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1000 gallon Bladder Tank
Typical Specifications

Capacity Width Length Height
1000 gallons 108" (9 ft.) 132" (11 ft.) 16" (1.3 ft.)

Additional Tank Sizes & Options

In addition to the 1000 gallon water tank shown here, we also offer water bladder tanks in sizes ranging anywhere from 25 to 210,000 gallons. All tanks can be made from different fabric options for the safe storage of drinking water, frac water, production water, chemical water, septic storage and other gray water materials.

Anytime you are looking to use one of our bladder tanks, please be sure to let us know the type of liquid you are planning on storing inside the tank. This can help our team ensure that the fabric used for the tank is compatible with the liquid you are looking to store. For more options, please check out our Water Storage Bladder Main Page.



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