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Water Trailer for Sale

500 gal. Express Water Wagon

water trailer for sale
500 gallon Water Trailer

The 500 gallon water trailer for sale is the perfect unit for transporting, storing, and spraying water. Each trailer is constructed with a combination of high strength materials that provides a unit that is both UV resistant and DOT approved. Great for small or large spray jobs, these trailers have been frequently implemented in spot spray jobs, washing equipment, dust control, fire suppression, stall cleaning and water transportation.

500 gallon trailers are typically sold as a system that includes the following: polyethylene storage tank, pump, hose reel, spray gun, DOT trailer. The trailers work to safely move equipment from one location to the next, while hoses and spray equipment help to reach tree tops, spot vegetation areas and other hard-to-reach locations.

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  • Storage Tank: 500 gal. Elliptical Polyethylene Tank
  • DOT Approved Trailer
  • Power: Honda engine with Pump
  • Spray Equipment: Nozzle Spray Bar, Hose and Nozzle, Fenders, Lights, Suction Hose, Anti-Siphon Fill Kit


  • DOT Approved Trailer
  • Resilient Plastic Storage Tank
  • Includes All Necessary Spray Equipment
  • Easily Moves and Transports Liquids
  • Ideal for Multi-Purpose Requirements
  • Equipped with Spray Equipment
  • Great for Multi-Purpose Watering Needs

Typical Applications:

  • Vegetative Water Supply
  • Dust or Ground Packing
  • Extinguishing Small Grass Fires
  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Saw Lubrication
  • Extinguishing Small Grass Fires

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500 gal. Express Tank
Technical Specifications

Tank 500 gal. Plastic Storage Tank
Engine Honda engine with Koshin Pump
Trailer DOT Approved Trailer
Brakes Surge or Electric Brakes
Equipment -Adjustable 2 Nozzle Spray Bar
-Fire Hose & Nozzle
-Fenders, Lights & Anti-Siphon Fill Kit
-Suction Hose

Water and Transportation Equipment

The 500 gallon water wagon is designed to offer an easy and effective way to transport your water to needed areas around your site. While many of these units are designed to attach directly to the back of moving vehicles, we also offer skid-mounted trailers, spot sprayers, auto-skids and small lawn & garden units. For these and other portable water transportation options, please check out our Water Trailer Variety.



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