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Golf Course Sprayer

100 gallon sprayer tank skidLooking for the perfect turf or golf course sprayer and maintenance equipment?  Our golf course sprayers not only improve turf coverage, but also give you a balanced spraying program for your facility. Our versatile and durable golf course irrigation equipment comes in 100, 150 and 200-gallons. Each turf sprayer is customizable for your particular spraying needs. Our sprayer package starts with a sturdy, reliable base, giving you the option to add on for your specific application. This golf course maintenance equipment is also great for municipal applications, recreational fields, parks, and even herbicide application! Our 100-200 gallon tanks come with engine/pump, hose and reel, and boom options so you get exactly what you need. Our turf sprayer is well-built and affordable! Call us to help find the right trailer size and options for your turf-spraying job!

Looking for other features? We have a variety of water trailers with different styles, sizes, and components at exceptional prices. We ship across the U.S. and our team will work with you to fit your jobsite needs, Contact us for information!

Questions about the 100 gallon sprayer tank skid? We can help! Call us or request a price quote.

Features Benefits
  • 100, 150, and 200 Gallon Tanks
  • 5.5 HP Honda Engine (Engine Options Available)
  • 22" Pro Series Handgun
  • Hose Reel with Side or Vertical Swivel Mount
  • 8 Roller Cast Iron Pump or Diaphragm Pump
  • Boom and Nozzle Options
  • Precision Spraying
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Customizable
  • Height adjustable hitch
  • Versatile Watering Applications
  • Cost-Effective

Versatile Turf Sprayers

110 gallon poly tank with high clearance kitOur turf sprayers are fully customizable so you can meet your exact job requirements. This sturdy golf course sprayer is available with the Pro series 22” handgun, along with boom and nozzle selections so you have reliable spraying across your course no matter the terrain. Designed for precision and consistency, you can water exactly where you want to spray without the worry of spraying outside the designated boundaries. Our 5.5 Honda or a Briggs and Stratton engine option, gives you the power you need to maintain your course, fields or parks! The turf sprayer hose and reel, with side or vertical swivel mount, provides the flexibility you need for effective golf course irrigation. Choose from our 100-200 gallon tanks to meet your golf course irrigation and maintenance plan.

100,150, and 200 Turf Sprayer Specifications

Tank 100-200 Gallon Polyethylene Tanks
Base Trailer Straight-Welded Axel with 1 ¾" Spindles
1250 lb., 5 Bolt Hubs
23 x 10.5 x 12" Turf Tires
2000 lb. Jack Adjustable Pin
Hitch for ¾" Diameter Pin
Safety Chains
Trailer Options Tank Saddle for 100, 150, or 200 Gallon Tank
Hose Reel with Side Mount or Vertical Swivel Mount
Hand Gun Holder with Hose Wrap
Fenders- Light Duty
Light Kit with Mounting Brackets
20.5 x 8 x 10" Pro Tour Tires
Adjustable Ball Hitch Coupler for 1 7/8" or 2" Ball
Pump and Engine Options Centrifugal, Diaphragm and Roller Pumps Available
Honda and Briggs and Stratton Engines Available
Boom Options Boomles BXT and Hamilton Nozzles Standard 3 Section Spray Booms 28" and under
Other Options Hose and Reel Kits
Booms & Boomless Boom Assembly
Plumbing and more

Download the Small Sprayer and Accessories Flyer to see all of our small sprayer options.

We also offer larger trailers, including our 1010 gallon and 1610 DOT trailer for larger watering needs.

Turf Sprayer Applications

110 Gallon Poly Tank Skid SprayerOur turf sprayer is the perfect choice for golf courses, sports and recreation fields, parks, and municipal needs. This strong golf course sprayer package is easily transported with golf course and utility vehicles, pickup trucks, or tractors. Because our golf sprayer trailer delivers water and herbicides where you need them most, you are on your way to a more beautiful course. This well-built, customizable turf sprayer gives you a complete tank and sprayer package. For more information on our turf sprayer trailers, call us! 


  • Golf Course Irrigation
  • Sports and Recreation Fields
  • Parks Maintenance
  • Municipal Maintenance and Irrigation
  • Herbicides

See our other available water trailer models for additional water wagon sizes and options.

Questions? We can help! Call us at 1-863-270-8118 or request a price quote.

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