Portable Water Storage Bags

FAQ: What tanks do you have for portable water storage

Question: Hello. I am interested in portable water storage bags. I need two types of water storage containers. First, I need small units that have a capacity of about 5 gallons. I would also need larger units (still portable by vehicle) with capacities somewhere around 50 gallons. Do you have any of these options?

Answer: For portable water storage in the capacities you have requested, there are a couple of different options you could consider. Both units featured here are part of our collapsible tank variety. This means that when the tanks are empty, these will lie flat until filled with water. Additionally, all materials used for these tanks will be NSF 61 and FDA approved for potable water.

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Small Water Bags:

A common choice for portable water storage are the Portable Water Storage Bags. These units are available in capacities from one to five gallons (1 to 5 gallons) and have an upper handle built directly into the bag. This allows bags to be easily lifted and moved to required locations.

portable water storage bagsFeatures:

  • 1-5 gallon capacities
  • Built in Handle for transportation
  • Fittings (typically located on the front of the tank and most commonly includes a ball valve and cap)
  • FDA and NSF 61 approved materials

These portable water storage bags have frequently been used in emergency situations as a way to quickly store or move water. Water bags are designed to be folded and lie flat when empty. This makes them easy to store in the trunks of cars, under seats, on storage shelves, in closets, and in storage units.

Small Flexible Storage Tanks

In addition to the portable water bags, we also offer several small capacity flexible storage tanks in sizes starting at 25 gallons. These flexible tanks are similarly able to store your drinking water materials and have flexible, folding exteriors for quick setup during emergencies. Folding has also helped to compactly store larger capacity tanks until their time of need.

  • Small flexible water storage tanksCapacities from 25 to 210k gallons
  • 2" Fill with Cap
  • Multiple Fitting & Sizing Options Available

While these flexible units can be transported back and forth while the tanks are empty, they are specifically designed for stationary storage and should not be transported while full.

If you have questions about products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.