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Storage Tank Stand

Making Water Storage & Draining Easy

storage tank stand
Stand for Holding
Plastic Tanks

This Storage Tank Stand is a great way to elevate plastic storage tanks for increased safety and draining capabilities. Designed to support elliptical, round horizontal, or leg style tanks, these units have successfully raised tanks either 30 or 48 inches from the ground. The increased elevation helps protect the tank from ground elements, while also providing a higher gravity flow from the tank during draining.

Worried about soft soil in your location? Not a problem! Stands come with skid runners that work to keep the tank from sinking into the ground.

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  • Raises Tank Either 30" or 48"
  • Heavy-Duty Angle Iron Construction
  • Integral Saddle
  • Reinforced Legs & Runners
  • Poly Tank Sizes 125 to 525 gallons
  • Tanks have FDA Approved Resins
  • Poly or Stainless Steel Fittings


  • Strong Support for Tanks
  • Improves Gravity Flow
  • Easier to Drain Liquids Out Quickly
  • Elevated Tank off the Ground for Added Protection
  • Safe for Storing Drinking Water
  • Runners Prevent Settling in Soft Water
  • Stores Multiple Tank Types
  • Can Handle Outdoor Conditions

Typical Applications:

  • Draining Tanks
  • Storing Water on Site
  • Mixing Materials


Perfect for Use with the Following Tanks:

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Standard Tank Stand
Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Tank Raise Height
W5806 125 gal. Leg Tank 48"
W5807 230 gal. Leg Tank 48"
W5808 300 gal. Leg Tank 48"
W5809-30 525 gal. Leg Tank 30"
W5809 525 gal. Leg Tank 48"
W5833 1025 gal. Leg Tank 30"
W5810 300 gal. Round Horizontal Tank 30"
W5811 200 gal. Round Horizontal Tank 30"
W5813 300 gal. Elliptical Tank 30"
W5814 500 gal. Elliptical Tank 30"
W5831 50 gal. Lawn & Garden Tank 30"
W5832 100 gal. Lawn & Garden Tank 30"
TC125BK 125 gal. Containment Tank -
TC300BK 300 gal. Containment Tank -

Economy Tank Assembly
Technical Specifications

Stand Part Number  Size Tank Raise Height Band Options
W5806E-30 125 gal. Leg tank with SS fittings (T125LNK) 30" Galvanized 125 band
Stainless Steel 125 band (W5806-SSBAND)
W5807E-30 230 gal. Leg tank with SS fittings (T230LNK) 30" Galvanized 230/300 band (W5807-GBAND)
Stainless Steel 230/300 band (W5807-SSBAND)
W5808E-30 300 gal. Leg tank with SS fittings (T300LNK) 30" Galvanized 230/300 band (W5807-GBAND)
Stainless Steel 230/300 band (W5807-SSBAND)
W5809-30 525 gal. Leg tank with SS fittings (T525LNK) 30" with hoops -

For more information regarding our plastic tanks or storage tank stands, please check out our Plastic Tank & Storage Tank Stand Variety. Options include elliptical tanks, horizontal tanks, leg tanks, skids, vertical tanks, and more.


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