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Onion Water Tank

onion water tankThe onion water tank is a versatile and flexible collapsible water tank designed for use in a wide range of storage locations and emergency water applications. Onion tanks are designed with a self-rising open top style that allows the tank to slowly rise on its own as it fills with water. This can be especially useful in emergencies water storage applications that require quick filling of tanks.

Similar to other flexible tanks, the onion tank is a self-supporting structure that does not require additional side supports or items to help stabilize the tank. This has allowed it to be used in residential storage, remote locations and emergency relief applications.

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Onion Tank Design

The design of an onion tank may vary slightly depending on your storage requirements and the intended storage area for your tanks. In general, most onion tanks are made with the following features:

  • onion water tanksHigh or Low Sides
  • Thick Material Floor
  • Open Top
  • Female Flange Fittings
    (several adapters also available)
  • NSF 61 and FDA Approved Fabrics
  • Standard Sizing up to 20,000 gallons
    (Custom Sizes Available on Request)

This design helps to create a self-supporting tank structure that can easily handle being filled and emptied of water multiple times.

Onion Tank Applications

The onion tank is an extremely flexible product that has been used in multiple applications to successfully store various types of water. Often used in emergency response situations, these tanks are the perfect way to keep water on hand for collection and storage in your location. Some of the many different applications these tanks have been used in include the following:

  • Flexible Drinking Water Storage
  • Fire Fighting Water Supply
  • Remote Location Water Storage
  • Emergency Response Under Vehicles

This water tank has been implemented in several water containment requirements including use in emergency relief efforts, fire fighting efforts, military operations, pool cleaning, and temporary water storage requirements.

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