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3 Point Sprayer

Defender Sprayer (Turf)

3 point sprayer
Sprayer System with
three point hitch
(Cat I-III)

The 3 point sprayer is a flexible storage option for moving water and other spray liquids around your location. Rather than requiring extra transportation equipment, 3 point units attach directly to the 3 point hitch commonly used on utility tractors. This provides easy attachment for spray down of vegetation, trees, fencing and spot spray areas.

As part of our water trailer variety, each three point spray system includes a range of equipment to help with your chemical or water spray jobs. Standard sprayers will include a poly storage tank, flat fold boom, hose, pump, trigger gun, spring breakaway and 6 roll pump. Depending on the size of your tank, sprayers will attach to either a Category I or Category II/III, 3 point hitch.

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  • Tank Sizes: 50, 100, or 200 gallons
  • Tank Style: Elliptical or PCO Tank Design
  • Attachment Options:
    • 50 & 100 gal. for Category I Three Point Hitch
    • 200 gal. for Category II/III Three Point Hitch
  • Pump Options: Hypro Roller or CDS/John Blue Diaphragm
  • Hose: 15 foot Hose & Trigger Gun
  • Hose Wrap
  • Spring Breakaway
  • Boom Options: 10 ft. or 14 ft. Boom or Boomless Nozzle
  • Specifications



  • Includes Pumps, Hoses, Booms and Other Spray Equipment
  • Compact and Easy to Handle
  • Connects to a 3 Point Hitch
  • Addresses Hard to Reach Areas

Typical Applications:

  • Maintaining Athletic Fields
  • Watering Small Areas and Locations
  • Turf Management
  • Keeping up Tree or Vegetable Farms
  • Water Transportation
  • Spraying on Ranches, Vines, and More
  • Livestock Spraying
  • Orchards
  • Areas with Vegetation

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3 Point Sprayers System
Technical Specifications

(Choose 1 From Each Category)

Part Number Tank &  Mainframe Assembly
W4308 50 gallon tank, mainframe assembly, Cat I
W4309 100 gallon tank, mainframe assembly, Cat I
W4310 200 gallon PCO tank, mainframe assembly, Cat II/III

The 3 point sprayer featured here is one of many options designed to help with spray requirements in commercial or residential areas. While these models can be made in sizes up to 200 gallons, we also offer several larger trailer systems sized from 500 to 1600 gallons. These models attach to pickup trucks or transport vehicles to bring large amounts of water to your location. Small plastic horizontal, elliptical and side mount tanks are also available to help with tractor spray requirements. Some of our many trailer options include:

  • Water Tanks and Trailers (500 to 1600 gallons)
  • Skid Mounted Spray Units
  • Spot Sprayers
  • Lawn & Garden Sprayers

For more information on these and other water transportation systems, please check out our complete Water Trailer Variety.



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